LFDC Filter Choke

LFDC Filter Chokes are placed in the intermediate continuous power circuit, between the rectifier and inverter, with the role of filtering the current. It is achieved in dry mode without water cooling. It can be achieved in saturated mode, as well: L=L (i).

LVAC Output Chokes are alternating current chokes of a large frequency range, that adapt the rectangular band of the inverter to the sinusoidal regime of the output voltage in the medium frequency installations. They can also be used wherever reactance in alternating current is needed.

MFIT Isolating Transformers

15÷3000 kVA/500 Hz÷300 kHz

They have the role of isolator in the medium frequency installations, between the medium frequency converter and the inductor. They adapt the different level electrical tensions.

They are the isolating parts in the medium frequency hardening installations. They can adapt a diversified range of inductors (various tension levels and inductivity) to the medium frequency source, using different transformation ratio.

They have the role to assure different output voltage in the medium frequency installations, where galvanic isolation is not necessary.


Inductors are medium frequency coils, in which are placed the components that are heated due to the internal electromagnetic field. These are the essential parts of every installation, fundamentally determining the performances of the entire heating process.