General Info




ELECTROTERM Ltd. is a company founded in 1991.


The Electroterm Company designs and produces medium frequency transformers and chokes for Companies involved in induction heating applications. The target market is both Romania and worldwide.


From the competence and experience of our staff resulted a wide range of products for various applications.


At this time we can design, manufacture and deliver Hardening Transformers from 200 to 4800 kVA/1 to 400 kHz, Isolating Transformers from 15 to 2000 kVA/ 500Hz to 150 kHz and Autotransformers from 150 to 3000 kVA/500 Hz to 10 kHz.


We can offer full range of low frequency and medium frequency Output Chokes and Filtering Chokes used in static converters.


According to our business concept we offer our partners consultancy to identify the exact needs of the client, design and manufacturing that meets their expectations.


At present ELECTROTERM Ltd. with a proved electrical design and development capacity and well trained employees for manufacturing, looks for new Customers and Business partners for its up to date products and for new developments.


We are confident that in case of co-operation all above mentioned will allow to establish a mutual advantageous business relation which could be transformed in the future in permanent partnership.